Women are rising up and rejecting traditional models for entrepreneurship.

You didn’t start your business to give up your entire life to work. You certainly didn’t start your business to push yourself beyond what is healthy just to reach some next level of success that someone else told you that you have to reach or do it in a way the men have done it.

Why did you start your business?


Hallelujah…sing it, sister…F R E E D O M!

More freedom over our schedule so we have time for all of the other responsibilities and passions in our lives.

•Freedom to spend quality time with our beloved.

•Freedom to nurture and enjoy our kids.

•Freedom to help care for our aging parents.

•Freedom to volunteer in our community. *We solve all the problems!

•Freedom to take care of ourselves rather than rush to the next thing on our never-ending list.

•How about the simple freedom to binge-watch the latest Netflix series and just enjoy some down time when we need it?

•Paris…or Bali…or Tibet…that freedom to wander the globe in search of adventure, beauty or ourselves.

Let’s not forget one of the most important freedoms you took a stand for by starting your business:

Freedom to decide how to and how much wealth to generate.

You decided to escape the trap of employment or depending on others.

Passion and Purpose!

•You want to change the world and you know it’s time to be that change.

•Maybe you have a calling and a gift you are compelled to share with the world.

•You want to help people.

•Or you see a challenge that you know how to solve and make it a profitable business at the same time.

•You want to do what makes your heart sing.

•You want to have a business life that aligns with your personal values and vision for the world.

Every woman entrepreneur is different, but passion and purpose runs through our stories of how we got to that day we dared to say out loud what we’d been dreaming inside…

”I’m going to start a business!”

Do you remember that moment?

Was it always in your heart?

Juggling a business and a full life isn’t always easy. And even though our intention with our business is to gain more freedom and express our passions, entrepreneurship can be the hardest thing we’ve ever done.

It can suck up every bit of energy and time you have. It might even feel like you’re on a treadmill trying to get to the promised land of more freedom.

Your Business Personality

Everyone is a little different, but you probably fit into one of three different business personalities. It’s important to understand which one you are (or a little of each) so that you can tap into your strengths and overcome any challenges.

The Hustler:


You move mountains alright and people are amazed. “Wow, you have so much energy!” They reward you with kudos “You’re so successful!” When things get bumpy your instinct is to push harder. You shut down everything else and push yourself. Eventually you burn out…and it’s not pretty. You rest and recover, but you find yourself there again. It’s the hustle and burn cycle. Over time it takes longer to recover, and eventually you can’t push yourself back into action no matter how hard you try. You have a vision for your life and business, and this isn’t it. Do you give up…or is there a better way to get things done without burning out or sacrificing your personal life?

The Dreamer:

Dreamer (1).png

You are more creative than most and people admire you for your big enthusiastic dreams. Creating beautiful experiences for people is second nature to you. But it’s easy to go from big idea to big idea. One more exciting than the next. Meanwhile the day to day stuff to take care of your business is not happening. Distractions and procrastination eat up your day and before you know it, you’re doubting if you have it in you to be an entrepreneur. You try on lots of different productivity tip and tools hoping that this one will do the trick only to find yourself not resonating with the techniques or even the language. They just don’t feel like you. It’s hard to focus and get through the most important tasks on your list and when you do, you feel worn out and disappointed. You don’t thrive operating in this hyper focused energy. There’s got to be a better way to get stuff done and have it feel authentically you!

The Seeker:

Research and discovery are your expertise oh wise one. You’re the one that people turn to for answers. And you are probably good at a lot of things. But you also find yourself wondering what the next step is…a lot. Sometimes that means feeling stuck. So, you go back to research and discovery. Which feels good while you’re doing it. Until you look up and realize that you’re months down the line and nothing has changed. You know more, but you haven’t done more. How do you finally make progress towards your dreams? What’s the right next step? Is entrepreneurship even for you?

A Better Way…

Does one or all three of the entrepreneurial personalities fit? Notice that some of the qualities of each are amazing! There’s always a back of the hand of a strength and that is not working. You’re getting burned out, feeling stuck or not being able to make progress on the things that support you in your big dreams. And you’re feeling like there is no harmony between how you’re working in your business and your personal life.

There’s a better way. A way to tap into your greatest strengths without sacrificing your authentic self, what really matters or burning out.

A way to achieve the freedom you’re seeking with your passion and purpose!

What does it look like?

The Flowpreneur:

Flowpreneur 2.png

Her business serves her life and not the other way around. She understands her strengths and how to tap into them so that she creates more by doing less. When it’s time to focus, she knows how to shift into this energy without draining herself or feeling like she’s someone she’s not. She finishes her days knowing she completed her most important tasks. It’s easy for her to see how to energize herself and balance her energy for all sides of her life. And…she sees the ways she can simplify her business and life so that there is more time to enjoy the freedom in her life. Her business and life are in Flow.

Your strengths in balance and harmony lead to your business and life in Flow.

Find out how Shelley discovered the Flowpreneur Life and you can too…